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High-end piping O.N. Fitting

For stainless steel water supply, hot water supply, and cold/hot water piping
The pipe expansion-type fitting for light gauge stainless steel pipes

  • ISO9001 Registration No.99QR-170
  • Japan Stainless Steel Association Approval No.32206, No.32221
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Listed in Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction
  • “Certified Product” of Japan water Works Association Quality Certification Center
  • Won the Special Prize for the Fifth Monodukuri Nippon Grand Awards (2013)
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About us

Masahiro Nakamura President and Representative Director

We started the manufacturing of stainless steel piping products in 1964 and are proud of our consistently accumulated heritage and supply records as a specialist manufacturer.
Today, we are producing architectural stainless steel pipes, industrial stainless pipes and valves from casting to machining and finishing under perfect quality control, using top-class technologies and state of the art facilities.
Among other products, O.N. Fitting for general purpose piping gained the first ISO9001 certification in this industrial field(Apr. 1999), and we are striving for enhanced customer satisfaction through high quality and stable supply to respond to the increasingly strict needs for customers.
In the 21st century, environmental hormones and the recycling of products have gained prominent attention as social problems.
We gained ISO14001 certification(June 2006), and we desire to devote ourselves to the manufacture of stainless steel products that contribute to respect for human life and the conservation of natural resources, the reduction and control of waste substances and environmentally-controlled substances.

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Management Philosophy

Good Spirits,Technologies,Love and Smiling Faces
  • Let us devote ourselves to the manufacturing of global environmentally-friendly products.
    Devoted to the manufacturing of stainless steel products and the manufacturing of 100% recyclable products without generating environmental hormones.
  • Let us pursue high quality and stable supply to enhance customer satisfaction
  • Let us acquire a proper profit to protect the lives of employees, and contribute to society through the payment of taxes.
  • Let us love our family members(familial love), our company(company sprit), our country(patriotic sprit) and people who love the earth.
  • Let us be people with a supple mind who always have hopes and dreams in proactive manner.
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  • New Head Office/ Factory

    3235-2, Kamitanomura, Tsuyama City, Okayama Prefecture, 708-0011 Japan

  • Osaka Business office
    (Oversea Sales Division)

    Nakamura Bldg.2 2F, 3-4-18, Kigawa-Higashi, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka City, Osaka,
    532-0012 Japan
    TEL:+81 6 6101 0260
    FAX:+81 6 6101 0234

  • Sales office for domestic market

    Hokkaido Business office
    Tohoku Business office
    Tokyo Business office
    Osaka Business office
    Chugoku/Shikoku Business Office
    Kyushu Business Office